FOSS Historian/Archivist Lonne Mays opened the 2013 FOSS Annual Members Meeting and Volunteer Appreciation Celebration at 5:30 p.m. on February 26th at the North Bend Library.  Other board members attending included Nicole Jackson, Dave Lunde, Lois Christensen, Deborah Rudd, Laura Mays, Tom Younker, Valerie Cooley, Mike Graybill, and Pat McKillip.

Lonne welcomed the many FOSS members who attended, and thanked them for the generous time and commitment they donate to FOSS and the South Slough.  He also thanked caterer Frank Murphy of the Grounds Café, and the musicians of the Lands End West string ensemble for providing the wonderful food and music for the event.  He explained the purpose of the meeting:  to nominate and elect members of the FOSS board for the coming year, from which, at the March FOSS board meeting, officers will be nominated and elected.
He introduced the current slate of nominees and encouraged the visiting members to nominate themselves or others to join the board. Nicole pointed out that members could join the various committees to work on different projects without being required to sit on the board.

*A vote was made and passed to accept the current slate of candidates as members of the FOSS Board of Directors.


As Heather Pedersen was unable to be present, Laura Mays gave theTreasurer’s report.  She briefly explained the Profit & Loss sheet handed out to the members, indicating what funds came in through donations, grants, bookstore sales, various programs and events for January through December 2012, and how those funds were spent.

INTERMISSION:  Lonne encouraged the members to enjoy the food and music, to talk to FOSS members about various projects and committees, and to have fun bidding on the many items donated to the Silent Auction on display around the room.


Deborah and Joy announced the recipients of the yearly awards.   The Volunteer of the Year award was given to John See, for long hours of hard work on the North and Hidden Creek trails.  The Friend of the Year Award was given, via Skype, to Heather Pedersen for setting up the Artist in Residence program, and for her help with the oyster recruitment project. Nicole and Valerie presented a surprise award to Deborah for her enormously appreciated work with the FOSS board.  Deborah presented Mike Graybill with a surprise retirement present, to encourage him in his stated goal of “Goin’ Fishin’ ”.

Lonne adjourned the meeting at 7:30.  The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 26th at 5:00 p.m. at the Charleston Marina RV Park.  He encouraged all present to attend.

Minutes submitted by
Patricia McKillip, FOSS


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